Spring Creek Farms Boer Goats

We are a small Boer goat farm located outside of Lexington, Illinois, having less than 20 goats total.  We raise Fullblood and Percentage Boer goats.  We began raising Boer goats in 2006 after learning about them at the Mclean County Fair and going to a few local shows.  We met some great friends when we purchased our first goats and over the years.  

Our goal is to sell good, healthy, structurally sound goats to good homes and are excited to have repeat buyers.  We provide health care, love, shelter, feed, hay, water, veterinary care as needed, and electric fencing along with having a llama and alpaca for their protection against coyotes.  Some goats do have to go to the sale barn, but mostly we sell to other breeders, animal lovers, and 4H kids.

Beginning 2015, we will no longer be a member of the ABGA, along with several of our breeder friends. We will continue to breed, raise, and sell Fullblood and Percentage Boer goats with out all of the politics/favoritism of the association.

What we love most about our goats is their loving, affectionate nature, and they are very smart. Each of our goats learn their names and come up for hugs, kisses, and scratches. The ones that we purchase from other breeders soon learn that they are loved and come up for the affection as well.

We love our goats and hope that you do too.

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Updated 05/14/2014